The Long March

The young man rises early, the dark of the fall/winter transition cold outside oppressive – but he’s up for a reason, his steel resolve unwavering. Today is the day. It’s the day that he finally pushes back against the fascism creeping through his community. It’s the day he stands up, on the front lines, helping the oppressed. He ties his boots slowly, deliberately, wondering what the outcome of today’s solidarity action will be. An electric thrill goes through him at the thought of the fight ahead – after today, the fascists will truly know they can’t continue unopposed.

He moves into the living room and sits down at the computer, adjusts his lapels. The selfie snap of his camera sounds in his ears… he hits “post picture”.

The safety pin on his lapel glows in the morning dark.

He can hear the joyful cries from the millions of oppressed, thankful for this antifascist warrior, and glows in their imagined adulation.

He’s Facebook posted his safety pin selfie, in all it’s glory.

Fascism doesn’t stand a chance.  Free Hillary! 

One thought on “The Long March”

  1. love it, you do know though, you’re hanging out bait for proposed continuous commentary on our [Young, and Healthy! Blue State™ Coder] Hero ….. <;0)

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