Fuck You Liberals, You Arrogant Assholes

The sheer bullshit ARROGANCE of these fucking liberals.

“It has been one of the longest weeks in human history…” begins a Salon/Alternet article, referring to the fact that Trump won the presidency.

Fuck you, yes you Janet Allon.

Fuck your insistence that the rest of the world see your tantrums over your preferred fascist being pushed aside for a different one as a tragedy. Fuck you, you mealy-mouthed shit for brains excuse for a human being.  Nothing more than that, just fuck you.  How DARE you have the fucking arrogance to declare presidential election results in the Imperial core as “the longest week in history”.  Tell that to these folks.  Or these ones.  Or these.

Fuck you. You deserve to be run over by history, ground into meaningless dust when your precious empire finally some day falls. Truly despicable.



3 thoughts on “Fuck You Liberals, You Arrogant Assholes”

  1. Agree (with the only exception of twenty – some early thirty somes – and younger who haven’t witnessed living on their own for some time and requesting DemoRat Legislative support for the horrors they end up living under if their parents aren’t well to do Professional Liberals).


    I watched the Spring 2016 HBO movie, Confirmation last night – regarding Anita Hill and the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Justice Nomination. Of course it didn’t go near so far as it might have towards identifying professional Liberals™ as the Republicans they actually are. For just one thing, Harriet Grant, Biden’s DemoRatic legal counsel who went on (as cream and scum (prolifically), tend to rise; then level, or fall, in the case of scum) married Scooter Libby, reportedly protested and changed the script to the point where a fictional character had to be created in order for it to be produced.

    I spent hours this morning – I watched some of those hearings in 1991, vividly recollecting that it was portrayed in the media as DemoRats for Females – reading up on Anita Hill, after those hearings. I came to the conclusion that Anita Hill likely didn’t vote for either party in 2016 (she was not interviewed on the Special Features section of the Spring 2016 DVD, and I found no proclamation of support for Hillary (she very carefully chose her words in all interviews I read, Anita Hill has already been BIPARTISAN SLAYED FOR NATIONAL VIEWING).

    Oh and this venal Guardian rot for Hillary, from the recently ex Executive Editor of The New York Times:

    …. Jill Abramson I was there when the real Anita Hill testified against Clarence Thomas. What was billed as fact-finding exercise turned out to be a poisonous display of partisanship

    With stoicism and poise, both Hill and Hillary withstood the onslaught to fight other, more important battles.

    It’s ultimately at the early on, white gloved above quote, for me, where I really catch Abramson’s stench, she used Anita Hill’s last name (utterly not acknowledging her first name, the same way minimum wage workers and military fodder are addressed, they have no first name ……

    Worse, she deliberately (I believe) made an unconscious connection between: the word Hill: Anita’s last name, Hill, and Hillary Clinton’s First Name, while she provides no evidence whatsoever that Anita Hill has ever stated a specifically supportive word for Hillary Clinton, let alone the DemoRatic Partay. I didn’t find any evidence of anything but her fear of ‘both’ Partays destroying the fabric of her life (which they ‘both’ – AS ONE – came within a hair’s breadth of doing in 1991) in anything I’ve read this morning.

    (By the way, I, like you, have hope in humanity, ..Happy Thanksgiving, to you, your wonderful wife and your family, in the true meaning of those words. (I’m positive Anita Hill celebrates it; and if she can, I most certainly can.) Stay strong dear.)

  2. (ahh shit, I had intended to include David Brock’s name above. I seriously doubt that Anita Hill could ever find reason to get over the horror he brought upon her life, yet Hillary made that $nake the core of her campaign – all in a daze Phree Markets’ Capitalism™, Fucking Venal.)

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